What's New?
New in 2017
Nothing matters more than how fast, smoothly, and reliably your models render in SketchUp. This year, some big changes make SketchUp work even better.
High DPI Modeling
Improved snapping, inferencing, and drawing, ensures SketchUp is crisp as ever on high definition monitors (like Apple’s Retina Display).
Inferences abound
Often, the subtleties of inferencing make for 3D magic. SketchUp’s drawing paradigm has been tweaked this year to keep sketching smooth.
3D for every-cone
No matter how you observe color, SketchUp should work brilliantly. With new accessibility color customization for display axes and inferencing, we invite you to paint your own shade of SketchUp.
LayOut Tables
Superb documents communicate through drawings and information, SketchUp now features Tables; a great way to manage spreadsheets in LayOut.
Hi-fidelity .DWG’s
Do you use SketchUp linework in other CAD applications? LayOut’s .DWG/.DXF exporter is going to be your new best friend.
Associated Dimensions
Make a change to your model: any dimensions you’ve already drawn LayOut will respect your edit. A special bit of SketchUp magic makes this possible.

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